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Mucca BBQ (c) Liz Greenhalgh Photography

Introducing: Chef prepared BBQ

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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Setting MUCCA apart!

We source the best of British meats and apply hours of preperation with our unique recipes and cooking techniques so that you can quickly and easily produce BBQ dishes that would usually require a huge amount of knowledge, specialist cooking skills and lengthy cooking times.

The creation of MUCCA by Fire

MUCCA by fire range is suitable for all barbeque types whether solid fuel or gas. Our range allows you to cook succulent flavour packed dishes without the hours of preparation and long cooking times. We apply our expertise, and use specialist preparation techniques such as; smoking, sous vide, curing, and braising. You simply follow our easy cooking instruction to serve up products in 45 minutes or less that would usually take days! Whether a seasoned cooking by fire expert or a complete novice that wants to spend less time at the flames, our range will inspire you to keep cooking by fire this summer. 

Are all meats smoked?

Smoking is a fantastic technique and done right can produce some incredible results. However we have chosen to use this method on only select lines, the SMOKED message is shown on these products. If you have a passion for smoked BBQ, our range is suitable for smoking at home and will produce some truly remarkable flavours, but they are not reliant on being smoked.  

Customer Reviews

We haven't been around long but already we have some great reviews. We focus on providing first class service to match our products.

It was beautiful, luxurious and high quality. The cooking instructions were spot on and super easy too

Image by José Ignacio Pompé

M Gault

Outstanding service and the food quality was exceptional.

Mucca Wellingtons 200321 (c) Liz Greenha

Good value for money considering the quality and flavour of ingredients used and the labour involved in making..

Mucca Wellingtons 200321 (c) Liz Greenha


Absolutely amazing!!!! Christmas dinner sorted and then Valentines!! When is not a good time to have a Mucca 😍

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