This full beef briskets cannot be beat when you want to offer a show stopper BBQ joint in your own back garden. Weighing in at a weight of 2kg or 4kg


2kg serves 8

4kg serves 16 


Aged to perfection to ensure a tender, juicy bite, every time. Seasoned with herbs and spices to create a flavour packed brisket with smokey chipotle flavour. Not overly hot but enough flavour to warm the taste buds. This brisket is the definition of low and slow, we prepare and cook over a 3 day process to deliver ready for you to oven or BBQ like a pit-master.  


Supplied with plenty of our MUCCA BBQ sauce

Min shelf life 4 days


No requirement for you to spend endless hours at the BBQ to achieve perfection and no requirement for special BBQ equipment. We have done all the hard bit for you!  Simply follow our easy cooking instructions either in the oven or on your BBQ (gas or solid fuel works just fine). A real go-to for an incredible eating experience for family and friends.

Low and Slow Beef Brisket

  • Cooking instructions will be provided with your delivery.  No techincal know-how needed!